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Last updated July 3, 2018

Contact Information: Anglican Churches of Pictou County

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The Reverend Darlene Jewers
Phone: 902-752-7213
Cell: 902-921-1100

Associate Priest:
The Reverend Art Bourré: (On Leave)
Cell: 902-759-9922

Honorary Assistant:
The Reverend Bill White
Phone: 902-396-5212

ACPC Council Chair:
David Harrison
Phone: 902-923-2902(Lorne)
Cell: 902-759-2767

ACPC Vice Chair:
Dianne Hardy
Phone: 902-485-5849

ACPC Treasurer:
Judy Austin
Phone: 902-752-7398 (Stellarton)

ACPC Council Secretary:
Deborah Beck
Phone: 902- (Pictou)

Synod Delegate:
Jason Ferguson
Phone: 902- 759-4708

Synod Delegate
Fern White
Phone: 902-396-1488 (Westville)

Alternate Synod Delegate
Deborah Beck
Phone: 902- (Pictou)

PWRDF Representative
SafeR Church Committee Chair

Julie Wynands
Phone: 902-752-8085 (Stellarton)

Property Committee Chair
Jason Ferguson
Phone: 902-755-1579

ACPC Church Office
Office Administrator and Bookkeeper: Meredith Sheehan,

Phone: 902-752-6422
Fax: 902- 752-0156

St. James Pictou:

Warden: Gordon Barnes
Phone: 902-485-8683

Warden: Anthony Chapman
Phone: 902-485-8285

Secretary: Deborah Beck

ACPC Council Representatives:
Treasurer: Dianne Hardy
Phone: 902-485-5849

ACPC Representative:
Deborah Beck
Phone: 902- (Pictou)

St Bee's, Westville:

Warden:Fern White
Phone: 902-396-1488

Warden: Vernon Pittman
Phone: 902-771-1248

Treasurer: Joyce Marcipont
Phone: 902-396-1488

ACPC Representatives:
Fern White

Phone: 902-396-1488

Joyce Marcipont
Phone: 902-396-4693

Christ Church, Stellarton

Warden: Jason Ferguson
Phone: 902-755-1579

Warden:Bill Colbourne
Phone: 902-752-5330

Treasurer:Ron Dunn
Phone: 902-755-3777

ACPC Representatives:

Dave Harrison
Phone: 902-923-2902

Judy Austin
Phone: 902-752-7398


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