Messages from the Rector

March 26

We are approaching the fifth Sunday in Lent. Who ever thought we would be giving up Lent for Lent! I am attaching a link to background info on the readings as I did last week. We can use time of isolation to study and reflect on the the scriptures, a spiritual practice that can be an aid while we are on this journey to the Cross.

Blessings, Peace, and be well and safe,

Rev. Darlene+

Last week I sent a link to instructions for lectio divina. Those of you who participated in the prayer workshops would have already had this. I invite youto go over all of the readings for Sunday and then choose one that especially speaks to you. Read it again and listen for a word of phrase that stands out or catches your attention or curiosity. Reflect on it for a few moments. Then read the passage again. As youreflect this time ponder how you will apply what had been revealed to you in the coming week.

For me, the line that speaks to me is from the Gospel of John 11:44. "The dead man came out, his hands and feet bound with strips of cloth. jesus said to them, "Unbind him, and let him go."

How often I have felt bound and unable to help. This speaks to me especially in these times of uncertainty and fear of what each will bring. But Jesus is with us and if we hold firm will unbind us and enable us to be effective disciples to those in need. We are being called to listen and act, to be the Body of Christ, to reach in love as Rev. Lee wrote. As we prepare for Easter Sunday and the resurrection of our Lord may we also experience a personal life giving resurrection within and without us. Thanks be to God.

Rev. Darlene+

(Link to the readings for this coming Sunday (DJH) )

March 25

As we remain isolated from each other we need to remain in community and connected spiritually. We now have a "new normal." I will do everything I can as your rector to stay intouch with all of you. I plan to record Holy Communion/Eucharist services and possibly Compline. In this way I can continue to be a presence in the community. I will be in touch by phone and email with those on our parish lists.

Thanks to Dave Harrison we have the use of Zoom to gather for meetings. As well, I want to continue with the Bible and Brew study that we were having in pubs around the county. Dave will send out a link to invite everyone to join in. We meet and discuss the gospel readings for the next Sunday. As we were meeting on the first Monday of the month I would like to keep with that. April 6 will be the date with a start time of 6:30. We have two gospel readings for the next Sunday which will be Easter Sunday. John 20:1-18, and Matthew 28:1-10. I think we should go with both and discuss the differences. This is a great opportunity to meet and just talk, feel free to be in your pjs and the brew of your choice in hand.

Here is a resource for studying the Bible, try it out and sees what you think.

As your rector I am keeping you all in prayers, each and everyone of you are on my heart.

 I am following night and day what is happening in the world and how people are responding. Clergy are needed more than ever to help keep the community connected. I give thanks for all the leaders who are sending prayers and reflections for all to share and participate in. I know I need to be a presence and will be recording soon, Holy Communion/Eucharist, as well as Compline. It is a time to be creative with liturgy so I will use not only our traditional services of worship but others approved for use in the Anglican Church.

We are living in strange times, we need to pray together for eachother and the unity of God's church. Pray for those who are vulnerable, alone and afraid. Pray for the leaders and medical workers. And pray for all those who are still working in public to provide food and services to us as they risk their own heath and safety. Remember, we are not alone, God suffers with us and the hurting world. May you all feel the peace and love of our lord and pass sit on to those you speak with this day.


Rev. Darlene