St Bees’, Westville

Last update: March 15, 2024

Priest-in-Charge:The Reverend Lee Sinclair 902-485-6007
The Reverend Joanne Neal 902-382-2162

Warden: Vernon Pittman 902-771-1248

Warden: Jo-Anne Pittman 902-771-1248

Treasurer: Fern White 902-396-1448

Secretary: Mike Hasiuk 902-396-5703

Council Members:

Donna Hasiuk 902-396-4692

Emily Lacey 902-396-4912

Sharon Martin

Julia Dorrington

Isabel Kennedy 902-396-5703

Pictou County of Churches: Julia Dorrington

ACPC: Vernon Pittman , 

Visioning Committee: Jo-Anne Pittman, Donna Hasiuk & Fern White

Offering Counters: Emily Lacey and Fred Hodder

Envelope Secretary: Diane MacDonald

ACPC Office: Susan Hislop 902-752-6422